Why Local SEO is Important for your Business (and 5 tips to implement it)

local searchLocal search engine optimisation is always part of the strategy that aims at diverting local traffic, to your business website. It’s a common thing for internet users to perform local searches for certain products and services. This is where your company can use Local SEO as a marketing tool to attract the local customers to your website.

This internet marketing technique basically works by making the search more “location specific” and this increases the amount of traffic flowing to your website. This also helps your website get a higher page ranking in local search engines.

This technique will help your business earn more profit as more visitors come to your website and want to buy your products and services.

Here are five local SEO tips for your business:

1. Any local search engine optimisation always starts with good planning for the best results to be achieved.

The planning will also assist internet users to accurately locate your business. It is essential to first increase the online presence of your website so as to increase the success of the local search optimisation technique.

You can use services such as:

  • Google maps
  • local city search
  • list your company in web directories
  • press releases
  • and set your geographic preferences accordingly.

2. The next step will be to analyse deeply the current performance of your website. This will greatly help in planning later stages and also weighing the results.

3. Have a well laid down campaign strategy. Consider getting additional optimisation through local PPC or link building techniques.

4. You should then submit your website to the local directories, national directories as well as search engines. It is preferable that you choose a GEO targeted campaign since it is always more effective in attracting the local traffic.

5. Finally, make sure that you analyse monthly reports for your website so that you can guage the success or be able to determine needed improvementes for the strategy you are using.

These are just the basics, there are lots more to learn. So for more tips and information, please contact us.