Web Development

web developmentDoes your company website do everything you need it to?

Like anything, the online world moves on. The days of static brochure websites are behind us. With the introduction of the Social Media and the younger generations taking the internet as the norm, the website has also evolved. Web development is key to a sucessful online marketing campaign.

There is nothing worse than attracting traffic to your website only for them to leave again because they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Today’s lead generating websites need to be encapsulating, engaging and provide the required information at a glance. Good web development can be the difference between no profits and big profits

Over 90% of business websites found online today are static business cards that leave the searcher frustrated and bored. This means that even before getting past the homepage, they leave and go elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

Do you know the bounce rate of your current website?

If this is over 50%, you have a problem! This means that 1 in every 2 visits to the site never look past your homepage. If your bounce rate is even higher, the problem is even greater.

Our team of web developers can assist you in creating a website to suit the needs of today and beyond. We can give your business a website that not only captures leads for you but also has potential customers picking up the phone to call you, whilst at the same time looking fabulous and promoting your brand.

Onvizi is a web development company that can not only provide an aesthetically pleasing website that fits in with your company identity, but also engages the searching public and leaves them wanting to discover more. Add in to the mix that our roots are in SEO, we build our sites with optimisation at the front of our minds, meaning that it’s in prime position to be found by those looking for what you can offer.

Contact Onvizi to discuss how our website development team can assist your business. Don’t leave business on the table………