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The Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few of the more popular ones) are today’s way to communicate a message to your followers, clients and prospects.

No longer are these platforms simply a social network for the younger generations, they have now become very powerful methods to interact with those that matter most. In business, that of course is your customers. Social Marketing is here to stay and is only going to play a biger part in our business lives.

The addition to the mix of Google+ in 2011 has begun to impact heavily on search and SEO. We are seeing that Google have incorporated Plus into the ranking algorithm and those using it effectively are seeing positive effects with ranking positions.

In fact, social signals have become incredibly powerful as a whole and we know they play a large part in helping determine search results. This has been further enhanced by the inclusion of social sharing buttons on many popular websites, allowing users to ‘share’ their content with their network of friends, family and contacts.

Social marketing enables you to personalise your business, make strong connections with your target audience and convert them into fans of your products and services.

new zealand social mediaThrough various social media channels we can help you build a community of loyal fans who will recommend and promote your business to their friends and family.


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Social Marketing