Our SEO Process

At Onvizi, we operate a 5 step SEO Strategy, which is broken down as follows:


  1. Client completes the SEO Questionnaire
  2. Research phase
  3. Onsite Optimisation
  4. Offsite Optimisation
  5. Reporting & Tracking


  1. SEO Questionnaire:
  • Client completes and returns SEO Questionnaire to fully evaluate requirements, objectives and define strategy.
  • Determine content strategy (client provides or Onvizi provides)
  1. Research Phase
  • Conduct Keyword research
  • Conduct Competitor research
  • Carry out website audit
  • Define timeline and strategy & discuss options with client
  • Review Site structure and URL structure


  1. On-site Optimisation
  • Make recommendations related to onsite content (quantity, density, quality) and blog
  • Amend site structure and URL structure (if applicable)
  • Image tags and alt filenames
  • Install analytics, webmaster tools, sitemap & robot commands
  • Amend major errors from website audit (eg: 404, canonical url, html, internal linking)
  • Implement social sharing (Facebook, Google+, RSS, Twitter)
  • Ensure use of H1, H2, linking, bolding for target keywords
  1. Offsite Optimisation (linkbuilding)
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Search Engine & Directory Submission
  • Strategic Linkbuilding using a range of strategies (see diagram below)
  1. Reporting & Tracking
  • Monthly ranking reports
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Campaign analysis and review

A Typical SEO Campaign can follow the format below:

search engine optimisation procedure

Disclaimer: During every SEO campaign, Onvizi will make a number of suggestions and recommendations. For the campaign to be fully effective, it is imperative that all these recommendations are undertaken. In many cases, Onvizi will undertake these as part of the SEO exercise, but where required, the client may be asked to carry out certain procedures. Onvizi cannot be held responsible or liable where recommendations are not independently carried out. Results will vary depending upon the nature of the campaign, the keywords chosen and the level of competition.