Reputation Management

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You think you have the product, you think you have the service – but do you REALLY know what your customers think about your business?

More importantly – do you know what people are saying about you online?

Maybe you think it’s not important?

Brand Management Has Never Been More Important

Information has never been more freely available than it is now because of the Internet. Review sites such as Google, TripAdvisor and JustAnotherReviewSite are free systems that allow people to leave their side of the story. This can be both good and bad, but often the business concerned doesn’t even know about any negative comments, which can in turn harm a business without them even realising.

Sadly, the system is also open to abuse. A scorned competitor or angry customer can post defamatory comments, that may be wholly untrue and cause endless problems for the person or business concerned. Take a look at this article from the BBC on 3 November 2011

online reputation mattersIf you are a hotel, restaurant or any business where reputation matters, having effective Brand Management in place is ESSENTIAL. If a potential customer is looking online to find your service, nothing will make them run faster than seeing a page full of bad reviews.

Conversely, if they see a list of positive reviews, the chances are that you will find your phone ringing.

The Cost Of NOT Having An Online Reputation Management Strategy In Place Is Enormous!!

Here at Onvizi, we specialise in Brand Management and Reputation Management. We can monitor your online space, discover any negativity as soon as it appears and put procedures in place to rectify the problem.

If you already have negative reviews, we can address these and ensure the impression given to the searching public is the one you want to portray. We can assist you in minimising the damage and putting the reputation of your business back on track.

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