Mobile & SMS

cell phone marketingMobile marketing is still in it’s infancy but it’s the ‘hottest’ of all industry sectors right now. In 2014 over 80% of the NZ population use a cell phone to access the internet.

Consider that 92% of us have a mobile phone, 85% of us never have it more than 2 meters away from us at any time and that 90% of all text messages get read within 1 minute of receiving!

That’s pretty powerful stuff! Certainly a responsive and targeted audience don’t you think……?

Imagine if you had the ability to take advantage of statistics like those and use them to attract people to your business, product or service?

Well – we can help! Just ask how right now by clicking here…..

In 2014 – Mobile will overtake computers for websurfing!

With the introduction of Smartphones (iPhone, Android etc) and portable devices (iPad, Tablet, Notebooks), QR codetechnologies such as QR codes are soon to become the norm.

They can be added to websites, business cards, leaflets – even billboards and signs. A user simply scans this on their device using a QR reader and is instantly directed to any webpage of your choosing where you can present more information (try the one on this page and see what happens………)

There are endless possibilities for QR Codes to help strengthen your brand, create curiosity and brand awareness.

mobile optimised websitesMobile Optimised Websites

There is one main problem with mobile marketing. It is likely that if someone is scanning a QR Code on a Smartphone or simply surfing the net, they are then going to be viewing on the same device!

Unfortunately, websites designed for viewing on a computer screen are extremely difficult to read on a mobile phone. With the increase of mobile surfing, this is really going to become a problem……….

However, it is now possible to design and build web content that is mobile optimised. In other words, it is designed for viewing on a mobile phone! And that is where we come in:

Our team of web developers can assist you in creating beautifully mobile optimised content that allows you to get the message across using these platforms.

SMS Marketing

text message marketingSMS or mobile marketing marketing is powerful when done right. Right now it is like email marketing was in the late 90’s, both unregulated and delivers incredible results.

We are not talking about a mass e-mail to hundreds or thousands of unsuspecting phone users – that is blatant spam and totally against our ethics and policy. We are talking automated, personalised SMS messages to an ever growing list of subscribers, all interested in your products and services.

Highly targeted messages that deliver smoking hot results and sales……!