Local Businesses Need To “Wake Up’ And Implement Digital Marketing Solutions

Many smaller business owners often question the value of online marketing for their business.

internet marketing for local business

Before joining either camp, business owners looking for digital marketing solutions need to consider some of the latest research data.

Let’s start with Google’s report that 20 percent of all searches are local and that 73 percent of online activity is related to local content.

That alone should signal that people — yes even people in your area — are looking online for information, for shopping, for professional services and for entertainment.

Then there are a number of other research reports that are tending to show:

  • That the majority of online searches lead to offline purchases.
  • That local online searches lead to site visits.
  • That the majority of most customer spending is done close to home.
  • That the majority of people now use the Internet instead of phone books.

Given that data, local business owners who are not using the Internet for marketing are clearly missing a significant opportunity of attract new business.

Local business marketing was once placing a few print ads, putting a nice sign out front, and maybe a little broadcasting. The big marketing driver for many small business was word of mouth. Those strategies today have lost much of their effectiveness.

The Internet enables business owners to expand the reach of their advertising for less money, put a sign out where people can see it without having to drive by, and have more influence on word of mouth by interacting with customers and addressing concerns. Internet marketing puts more control over marketing in the hands of the business owner.

If you are not effectively marketing on the Internet, you are missing a key business strategy. If you are, and you aren’t getting the results you expect, maybe its time to call for some help.

Internet marketing focused on reaching those potential customers in your area can help you drive your business forward. Contact us and let us show you how.

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    I completely agree, all business should invest a little time and money into digital marketing solutions…it will take marketing side of your business so much furtehr

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