How to Effectively Use Customer Reviews to Advertise Small Business

how to get reviewsSuccessful marketing campaigns have launched many a closet idea into the public domain. Professionally produced ad campaigns are certainly one manner to turn heads to your company’s product or service, but keeping the public’s adoration takes quite another tool. If your small business is to compete with the larger corporations, you must carefully consider how to advertise your business. One staple element of an effective advertising campaign is favorable customer testimonial.

While such dialogue used to be quite confined to geographic area, the 21st century has opened these discussions to a worldwide audience According to Search Engine Journal (SEJ), today’s small businesses are reaping benefits by providing their consumer’s opinions to their potential clients.

The most important advantage that customer reviews offer your small business is credibility. Today’s consumer does not want to hear from a paid spokesperson or anyone else associated with the company itself. Too much bias can come into play in those scenarios. Rather, they want honest feedback from an unrelated third party. By offering them these reviews on your website, you are showing potential clients that you have nothing to hide.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feel pressured to only provide the reviews that are 100% positive. If the feedback is too perfect, your potential buyer might feel like you are hiding something. Better than seeking out perfection, use the reviews in which the client logically matches the ranking (number, stars, etc.) to the testimonial itself. For instance, if one aspect of the review focuses on customer service, you want to make certain that the score of 9/10 you received from the shopper is equated in his/her written response. Potential consumers want to know that a 9 in this customer’s mind meant that your employees were friendly, knowledgeable, and acted in a timely manner. This consistency will p rove that you are forthright, a business to be trusted.

Since small, local business owners such as yourself have a more direct line of communication with your customers, this feedback will be much easier for you to obtain. The dialogue that ensues from speaking “directly with customers allows a smaller business to be sensitive to what is on a customer’s mind.” As a result, you are better equipped to satisfy client need and to use the reviews to actually help your business evolve.

If you still have doubts about the power of testimonial, consider the comScore study conducted in March of 2012. When they evaluated the effectiveness of a professional campaign to the consumer-generated review, they found that positive word-of-mouth always bolstered the audience’s reception of the product. In fact, the “User-Generated” advertising was 4 to 7 percentage points higher than the “Professionally Produced” marketing in most categories.

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