Online Reputation Management Is Essential For Business

repair online reputationWhat are people saying about your business and what are you doing about it?

Every business owner should be able to answer that question with confidence. Your reputation is crucial to your business success and online reputation management is key element to maintaining a good relationship with customers.

Business owners today need to be monitoring what’s being said about them online and actively engaging with customers.

As Chistopher Null says in a blog post at PC World:

“The information about your business that’s available on the Web is absolutely critical. If you’re not keeping a close eye on your company’s online reputation, you might as well hang up a “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign.”

Just as you need a strategy and plan to guide and manage your digital marketing, you need a similar plan for ORM.

The core elements of that plan include monitoring what is being said about your business in the social media world and responding to those comments — positive and negative.

In addressing negative comments, be honest and be fair. It is not going to help if you get into a shouting match with a disgruntled customer online any more than it helps to have an argument in your place of business. If you erred, admit your error. If the customer has a problem address it proactively. The goal is to turn negative reviews into positive reviews.

Even if you are not able to satisfy a disgruntled customer, the very fact that you are making a sincere effort is going to be obvious to others witnessing the exchange and that cannot hurt.

Reputation is a significant factor in business. A strong, positive reputation is a business asset with real value. Taking the time to monitor and protect your reputation is not optional, is a necessity.

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  1. says

    I agree that taking the time to monitor and protect your online reputation is now a necessity, but I think the task of doing it should not be time consuming. Marketers need tools, platforms or other ways to manage the reputation management tasks.

    • onvizinz says

      Hi Victor, thanks for your comment. However, this website is aimed at businesses not marketers, many who don’t know where to start with Reputation Management. Certainly tools and platforms are a great assistance (and how convenient your link, just so happens to be offering as such!), but that doesn’t detract from the fact that reputation management is an essential part of online business in the world today. Thanks for stopping by

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