About Us

Onvizi stands for Online Vizibility and was founded in Leeds (UK) in 2009 to offer Online Branding, SEO and Marketing services to traditional offline businesses in the UK and Europe.

After a period of steady growth and impressive results on behalf of our clients, the business relocated to London in 2010 and became a Limited Company, registered with Companies House.

In 2015, we opened our New Zealand office and registered the company with New Zealand Companies Office (Company No 5596106). The New Zealand business is run by directors Jon Shawcross and Anton Nadilo

Unlike many of our competitors, Onvizi’s directors have experienced the daily pressures of running a bricks and mortar business. We understand the constraints placed upon business owners and realise that finances are often tight and cashflow, not freely available.

We have felt the disappointment of placing physical and financial efforts into marketing that fails to deliver……

For that reason, amongst others, Onvizi was put into place – to  give a service that is tangible and realistic, but most importantly, that WORKS!

Onvizi has an impressive portfolio of clients who have benefited from the increased exposure that effective online marketing strategies bring.

If you have a business that is in need of greater exposure and is looking to boost its sales and customer portfolio’s, please get in touch via the online form or call 09 889 8717:

Our Business is taking YOUR business to the TOP!